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Welcome to QualityProTech: QPT Group

QualityProTech: QPT Group is one of the leading independent software testing service provider in Africa Continental. QualityProTech (QPT Group) is a customer centric organization who understand the business needs of our customers. We are specialist in complete software testing services for web, desktop, mobile & tablet applications, test/mobile devices rental services, software quality assurance, software quality control, test consulting, test outsourcing and testing training.

Our approach enables our customers to formulate and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies. We achieve real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your business needs. our core competence lies in our ability to help small and medium sized businesses to maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge through our individualized software testing solutions and services. We make things simple and easy by using our defined testing processes & standards (Quality tri-angle, Agile model, Waterfall model, Spiral model, SDLC & STLC).

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Why choose QualityProTech-QPT Group?

We have expertise in domains of software testing.
We use matured STLC methodologies and procedures.
We use more advanced software testing tools.
We deliver guaranteed high quality product.
We believe in results which lead your customers to succeed.
We provide custom solutions & services based on your need.

We make your problems simple & easy by using our defined & customised testing processes and methodologies. We guarantee you to deliver a quality product which should work as you expect.

Our testing experts understand the needs of the customers and convert them into perfect tangible quality solutions by using our standard methods,

  •   STLC model
  •   Quality Tri-Angle
  •   Agile Testing Methodology ... read more

In Today's market, Mobile & Tablets are playing a very crucial role in our life. Mobile applications make our life so easy with few clicks.

We make it possible & 100% reliable for your application to work on all famous mobile phone brands (Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Apple, Sony etc). We have dedicated QA-testing lab with all brands with all mobile phones operating systems. We give you confidence of your application to be worked on all devices without any failure... read more

We also provide test/mobile devices rental services. We have all the latest mobile phones, tablets, IPhones & IPads with different mobile OS and different brands. If you only need test devices on rental, please contact by filling this form.

We come across many websites or mobile applications which perform totally unexpected like App crashes, server error, functional issues, performance issues, security issues, spelling mistakes etc. These problems can make your customers to think about others service providers.

But we help our customers to avoid these problems by giving them solid quality product which make them to grow their business and profitability.

We have expertise to do functional testing, automation testing, security testing, performance testing, interface testing, database testing etc.

Visit our free e-Learning software testing website which helps students and professionals to learn & improve their testing skills. It has different sections,

  •   Basic software testing, STLC model, Advanced software testing, Automation testing, Interview questions

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April, 2013
Mobile QA Testing Lab: We make sure your mobile application should work on all latest type of phones, tablets, IPads & IPhones without any failure. Read more...


June, 2013
New Post: How to export test cases from excel sheet to Quality center?

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