QPT Group's Testing Methodologies & Processes

QPT Group is specialist in the domain of software testing services. We provide the wide range of software testing services which include full end to end STLC, quality control, quality assurance, consulting and and outsourcing which enable our customers to achieve the greatest quality of product as they expect.

Our testing services bring you a level of certainty that no other competitor can bring. You will experience your needs being met on time, within budget and with high quality of product; greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business.

Software testing life cycle (STLC) is a very important part of whole Software development life cycle (SDLC). We start with the initial phases of software development life cycle to achieve quality product by using early defect detection techniques. It starts from requirement-gathering stage, planning, execution and continues through the implementation and maintenance of your product.

After our complete software testing life cycle, you get quality product that meets your requirements as you expected.

Our testing experts have following different phases for your product which starts as soon as requirements are ready. Our strategy of early and frequent testing techniques reduces costs and stops system failure in production.

Different phases of full testing life cycle,

        Phase 1- Requirements analysis
        Phase 2- Test strategy & planning
        Phase 3- Test designing
        Phase 4- Test bed setup
        Phase 5- Test execution
        Phase 6- Test closure
        Phase 7- Production support

QPT ATM (Agile testing methodology)

Our unique software testing methodology, ATM helps our customers to achieve guaranteed success within defined time-frame & budget.

This model assists our customers to gain productivity and quality of product. This testing model validates our customers requirements as soon as possible and make it customers friendly.

The emphasis has to be laid down on the quality of the product in spite of short time-frame.

QPT Quality Tri-angel

The Software Quality Tri-angle indicates that there are three important facets that contribute to the quality of any software. These are,

    Inputs from Business
    Highly Skilled and Qualified People
    Defined Processes & Tools

Our experts make sure, all three sides needs 'inputs', 'people' and 'processes & tools' of a triangle should work in cohesion to produce a software that is of a very high quality. At the end, that is what you desire.

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    Our Testing Methodologies

  •       • Our STLC
  •       • QPT ATM
  •       • QPT Quality Tri-angle

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    Our Mobile Testing Lab

  •       • Android Mobile Application Testing
  •       • Apple Mobile Application Testing
  •       • Blackberry Mobile Application Testing
  •       • Windows Mobile Application Testing

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    Why us?

  •       • Innovation
  •       • Business Domain Expertise
  •       • Empowerment
  •       • Integrity
  •       • Mutual respect
  •       • Leadership

    Our competency

  •       • Web App Testing
  •       • Automation Testing
  •       • Performance Testing
  •       • Mobile App Testing
  •       • Interface Testing
  •       • Cloud Testing
  •       • Database Testing
  •       • User Acceptance Testing
  •       • Testing Center of Excellence
  •       • Compatibility Testing
  •       • Security Testing
  •       • Full E2E Regression testing
  •       • Dedicated QA Team
  •       • Quality Control
  •       • QA Outsourcing
  •       • Testing Consulting Services
  •       • Test Training

Software Testing Methods & Levels

A study conducted by NIST in 2002 reports that software bugs cost the U.S. economy $59.5 billion annually. More than a third of this cost could be avoided if better software testing was performed. To deliver 100% quality software product or system to our customer, we do bring comprehensive testing services in the Quality Assurance space which accelerate overall test efforts for its clients. The developing system goes through all aspects of testing. Following are major aspects of testing,

Even after the product has been released, testing still plays a vital role in the maintenance process. To make sure, all changes introduced to a product must be tested as per originally designed business requirements, without impacting other functions or other systems it interacts with.


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